Anonymous — Do you know about any other confession blogs? Like gym ones?

There is gymfanconfessions. I think that’s their url

Anonymous — How many followers do you have?

A couple hundred, it’s dropped do to my absence

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Anonymous — delete this blog. there are already two confession blogs for gymnastics, we don't need a third. hell we don't need a second. or a first. just stop it.

Who are you? I’ve been here longer than one of them, I just stopped posting. A-B-C your way out.

To the person who sent me the question about Aly Raisman, I’m going to answer it, I’m just watching baseball at the moment.

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Got a confession? Submit it here
Got a confession? Submit it here
Got a confession? Submit it here

Anonymous — Why is it so hard for people to believe that Nastia and the Fierce Five might actually be friends?

It’s not hard to believe, it’s just like she’s stealing the spotlight from the most recent girls. She had her time, now it’s time to back off.

Eh might as well do confessions today, hold on

Anonymous — Did you make this blog to directly oppose GFC?

This blog has been here long before GFC was fuckin up.

Anonymous — Mckayla maroney is not underrated. Lmfao! She's known as the best vaulter in the world. Is that the kind of confessions you'll publish?! What a joke. Another blog to read stupid stuff disguised as confession. Unquality.

Hm. Not understanding why I’m being attacked for what others have said. Buutttt regardless McKayla being “underrated” actually has to do with gymnastics, making it qualified to be someone’s confession. Me: 1 You: 0

Anonymous — Confessions? More like insult your most hated gymnast and submit it here. You're no better than the other one.

I’m sorry I didn’t realize that “heart breaks for Bross” and wishing Shawn Johnson got gold in Beijing was hate…

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